Play to learn

Gamification of training programs helps employees not only enjoy the training process but also retain the message better.

Experiential learning has been proven to get better results. It gives participants the opportunity to experience real world applications of what they are being taught. Even better, these activities provide an opportunity for team building whether at an offsite or onsite conference.

Reach out to us for our popular signature gamification activities. These have been designed carefully keeping in mind specific outcomes. We also customize games based on a specific brief.

All our Gamified Learning activities are conducted by professional facilitators with exceptional debriefing skills and the ability to link the game to the outcome (learning).

Business Skill Development

  1. Khao Gully: Good food sells! Does it? Objective: P&L
  2. Tea Trails: From Blending to Branding. This innovative Tea workshop also has the added advantage of teaching you some fascinating facts about tea. Objective: Branding and Marketing
  3. Jalwa: Enter the world of spectacular fashion!. Objective: Resource Utilization, Creativity
  4. Realty Bites: Build a city in a given time frame all the while adhering to the strict city bylaws. Objective: Project Management, Time Management
  5. Treasure Hunt: Find hidden treasures…with a twist. A great induction activity for newbies to help them with knowing more about the organization. Objective: Induction, Organization Values

Personal Development

  1. Brand YOU
    Use the principles of successful brands to build a better Brand YOU. A highly valuable experiential learning workshop that simulates a brand cycle to help you arrive at a better personal brand.
  2. My Money
    A workshop designed for women to help them MANAGE their own money. A fun shopping game that stresses on the need for saving and investment and encourages women to not only EARN money but also MANAGE their own money.

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